Volunteer Your Time


Women's Support Group Leaders

Volunteers will assist the Executive Director in facilitating discussion in a group setting. Our counselors will either be licensed volunteers from the community, or volunteers trained to lead discussion and mentor group members.

Client Advocates 

MOM Center will have volunteers who minister to clients as advocates during parenting classes.  Spanish speaking client interpreters and advocates will be utilized at the Center, as well, and will be valuable assets to our team.


Mom Center will offer various enrichment classes to its clients. We are seeking volunteers to work with the Client Services Director developing, planning and scheduling these classes. Classes include, but are not limited to, nutrition, budgeting, new fathering, breastfeeding, general care of a newborn, fundamentals of parenting, marriage and family, etc.

Incentive Program

We are currently seeking volunteers to assist the Incentive Program Coordinator in overseeing the donations and needs of material items for clients. This would include keeping the Incentive Program store in order, and sorting and organizing the goods for the store as they are donated.

Men's Ministry

We are seeking male volunteers to be advocates for our fatherhood classes who can act as leaders and role models fathers.  MOM Center will provide a module set for fathers, as well as those used for mothers.   

Office/Clerical Assistance & Data entry

We are seeking volunteers to work helping with office/clerical work and data entry. These individuals will need to be able to commit to a 2 hour weekly shift.

Communications Team

We need those who are skilled at written and verbal communications. Written needs would include assistance with the preparation of a quarterly newsletter, web design updates, advertising, and marketing needs, writing thank you notes to donors, as well as the manning of the center's table at local events.

Church Liaison/Missions Coordinator
The MOM Center is seeking volunteers as Liaison/Mission Coordinators. Quarterly meetings will be held to keep them informed and to make sure we are serving our churches in any way we can.

Community Liaison

Seeking volunteers as Community Liaisons.  

Public Presenter

Seeking volunteers as speakers representing MOM Center.